Is every pregnant woman's sex drive different?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Just as every woman and every pregnancy are different, so is every woman's sex drive - and yours may change from day to day or hour to hour. The X factor in the sex-drive equation is the relationship between your changing moods and your changing body, both of which are influenced by your changing hormone levels. The result is that how you feel about your body (and how you think your partner feels about your body) plays a part in whether or not you want to do the satin-sheet salsa.
YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

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YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Can I get a cavity filled while pregnant? Will avoiding spicy foods make my kid a picky eater? Can I really increase my baby's IQ while she's in utero? Whether you're pregnant for the first time,...

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