Is it common to feel overwhelmed during pregnancy?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Every stress during pregnancy feels like a big one, as your brain swirls and twirls and somersaults with more questions than a prosecuting attorney. This probably sounds a bit familiar to that voice in your head: Is my baby healthy? How hard is labor going to be? Can I afford child care? Will my mate look elsewhere now that I've lost my figure and I'm not as interested in sex? Does he really want to name the child after his favorite football player? Why are my parents hounding me to be in the delivery room? How are the siblings going to handle another child? Will I be like - gasp! - my mother?

These are tough questions, but one thing there's no question about: Everyone has anxiety during pregnancy, especially during their first one. That's, of course, because there's a fear of the unknown the first time around (but also because there's no time to be worried when you have other tykes to chase after). Moms explode with tension when presented with so many questions - and so many possible answers.
YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

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YOU: Having a Baby: The Owner's Manual to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Can I get a cavity filled while pregnant? Will avoiding spicy foods make my kid a picky eater? Can I really increase my baby's IQ while she's in utero? Whether you're pregnant for the first time,...

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