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What is a catastrophic health plan?

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    The catastrophic health plan is a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and a way of having immediate coverage for the “big stuff” -- like a sudden visit to the intensive care unit.

    Generally, the catastrophic health plan allows you to have immediate coverage for hospitalization, surgery, ER or trauma care, ICU, and medical tests performed in the hospital without needing to cough up a lot of dough on a regular basis for monthly premiums. However, these plans only cover immediate (and sometimes very limited) care. Nothing else. You cover the full bill out-of-pocket for all other care (like a normal visit to your doc).

  • A catastrophic health plan provides health insurance coverage for major medical problems without having to spend a lot of money on premiums or deductibles. With a catastrophic health plan, you will generally pay for most of your medical care until you hit the annual deductible amount. This includes doctor visits and prescription drugs. Once you reach the annual deductible, the catastrophic health insurance coverage starts to pay. Major expenses are covered with catastrophic health care plans while less serious medical care may not be covered. Medical expenses covered with catastrophic health plans may include hospitalization, surgical procedures, trauma care, ICU, laboratory testing and X-rays or other scans.
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