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What types of health insurance plans are there?

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    Finding the right health insurance plan can leave you dizzier than when you get off a roller coaster ride since they come in more flavors than gelato. Luckily, for sanity-loving people everywhere, there are just four broad categories of plans:

    • health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
    • preferred provider organizations (PPOs)
    • point-of-service plans (POS)
    • fee-for-service plans (FFS) or indemnity-like plans

     Any other extra coverage you want would be included in a supplemental plan.

  • Health insurance plans in general fall into three plan categories: managed care, consumer-directed, and indemnity plans. These plans are for general basic coverage and do not include the specialty plans like supplemental insurance, disease specific insurance, disability insurance, or accident insurance. A managed care plan is when an insurance provider partners with a doctor or hospital to offer coverage. If you find health care outside of this network of providers, you are not covered by your insurance. A consumer-directed plan is one that offers you complete freedom to choose a doctor but you must pay higher deductibles before coverage begins. An indemnity plan, or a fee-for-service plan, allows you to pick your doctors but you must first pay out-of-pocket expenses and be reimbursed later through your insurance provider.

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