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How much does in-home assistance coverage cost?

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  • In-home assistance coverage can cost just under $100 a day or up to hundreds of dollars a day for 24/7 care. A special long-term care insurance policy can help pay for some in-home care services such as skilled or non-skilled nursing care, physical therapy, and home health aides. There are many different types of long-term care insurance policies, depending on the type of coverage you want to have. Some policies cover adult day care and full-time assistants, while other policies cover part-time in-home care and services. It is recommended that people purchase long-term care insurance before they are older and really need it. In fact, the premiums of long-term care insurance are much lower at age 50 than they are at age 65 or 70. Ask your financial advisor or insurance agent about the best type of long-term care insurance for you. Review the costs and benefits of each policy before committing to purchase long-term care.
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