Will the new Healthcare Bill help with my medical expenses?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
The Affordable Care Act of 2010 may help you with your medical expenses in several different ways. The law says some preventive care, such as a colonoscopy, mammogram, or dexa scan for bone density, has to be covered by your health insurance company at no cost (zero, nada) to you. In addition, essential health benefits like emergency room visits, hospitalizations, maternity and newborn care, mental health care, prescriptions and lab work, all must be covered by your plan. If you have a child with a pre-existing medical condition, your health insurer can’t deny coverage. And insurance companies can no longer place dollar limits on the amount of coverage you can get in your lifetime. Not to mention, if you are a small business owner offering insurance to your 25 or fewer employees, you can get help covering the cost of providing insurance.
Joane Goodroe

Although one of the intents of the new Health Care Bill is to provide healthcare coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions that do not quality for insurance, the Bill does not provide additional money to Medicare, Medicaid or insurance companies. With the growth in healthcare costs, new therapies, an older population, there is not "new money" allocated to cover costs. Medicare and others are constantly evaluating what services need to be covered. It is a difficult situation and one that does not have an easy answer. The U.S. spends more money on healthcare than any other nation; and yet, there is struggle to pay for all the services needed.

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