What are some of the costs and benefits of calling in sick?

Workers have to weigh the pros and cons when they decide to call in sick. Here are some of the issues they need to consider:

  • Is sick pay immediately available, or is there a waiting period that they must go through before it will kick in?
  • Does a doctor have to document the injury or illness, and if so can it be their doctor or does it need to be the company doctor?
  • How many sick days can they take?

Collectively, these factors are called "the measure of generosity in granting sick leave."

In essence, workers will accept what their employer gives them. However, if employers do not offer paid sick leave, workers tend to come to work when they are sick.

There is no guaranteed sick leave in the United States but there is in at least 145 other countries.

One study showed that the U.S. grants the fewest number of sick days per employee per year, with five days, while Poland had the greatest number, with 26 days per employee each year.

Statistics also show that as employers reduce sick leave benefits, absences tend to fall as the employer's generosity decreases.

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