Who is on a surgical team?

The surgical team is made up of specialist doctors and nurses. It's their function to take care of people while they have an operation. A surgeon and an anesthesiologist, the doctor who specializes in medicine that puts you to sleep, are part of the surgical team. People will meet their surgical team at the hospital before their operation.

No surgeon functions all alone. He or she relies on an experienced staff in the office, during testing and throughout surgery and recovery. It is likely that many of your questions will be answered not by the surgeon, but by medical professionals—the nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant—who are members of a surgeon’s team.

Dr. Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgeon

Our surgical staff includes several vital people. First, our anesthesiologist is used to put the patient to sleep under general anesthesia. The circulating nurse will work in the operating room to provide care for the patient and fill out vital forms. Next, the recovery room nurse takes care of the patient both pre and post-operative. The Director of nursing runs the mechanics of the ambulatory center. Finally, the certified scrub tech assists in the operating room and prepares the instruments and cleans them between cases.

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