What method can I use to pre-pay a funeral home for my funeral?

There are a number of ways to pre-pay for funeral arrangements from a funeral home. The most common methods of pre-payment are:
  • A trust
  • An insurance policy
  • A Totten trust
  • Medicaid
Paying with either a trust or a funeral insurance policy are the ways that most funeral homes prefer customers to pay in advance. With both of these options you can pay for your arrangements over time, and when it's time for the funeral, the money in the trust or the insurance policy will go to the funeral home and fund the arrangements you've made. In both of these cases, the funeral home will control the money from the trust or insurance policy after you die.

Whatever arrangements you choose to make with a funeral home, the most important thing is to communicate your wishes to your family and close friends. That way, your survivors will know what you wanted, and you will feel peace of mind knowing that your wishes are understood.

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