What factors should I consider when selecting my surgeon?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
The most important factors in selecting your surgeon includes qualifications and board certification. Your doctor for example must be board certified in the surgical procedure that you desire to have performed. He or she should also have years of experience with hospital privileges for the same procedure that you are hoping to undergo, especially at an ambulatory facility. Look for specialization by that surgeon in the procedure you are hoping to have done. For example, if considering breast augmentation, your surgeon should perform several of those procedures weekly.
Stephen Handisides
Health Education
Check the credentials of your practitioner
Look for a cosmetic surgeon who has held an NHS consultant’s position, who has a FRCS (plast) qualification and who is listed on the General Medical Council’s specialist register of Plastic Surgery. Do not be afraid to ask to see certificates.

Pick a cosmetic/plastic surgeon who specializes in Face-lift procedures.
There are many qualified plastic surgeons, but it is always best to find one who is experienced in a face-lift, or rhytidectomy, treatment. Look for a practitioner with specific training in face-lift procedures and who is up to speed on current techniques, such as endoscopic surgery and thread lifts. It may be that you will also require a brow-lift or a neck-lift to achieve the best results, so find an aesthetic surgeon with experience in various types of facial surgery.

Look for membership of professional organizations
There are several professional societies that are specific to cosmetic surgeons. BAPRAS and BAAPS are the most highly regarded and only permit the most skilled and experienced of surgeons to gain entry.

Ensure your consultation is with your practitioner
In some clinics, the first person to see a patient is a ‘counselor’ or ‘advisor’, who will only be able to give you generic advice and is generally there in a sales role. When you are booking a consultation with your chosen clinic, make sure you ask to see the actual surgeon who will be operating on you.

Be comfortable
Make sure you are relaxed and have built up a good rapport with your cosmetic/plastic surgeon. You should always feel that your concerns and questions are being addressed thoroughly. Make sure you’re satisfied with the answers you’ve been given before the consultation is over.

Ask to see Face-lift before and after photographs
Feel free to ask to speak to previous patients for testimonials, or to see before and after images of patients your practitioner has performed a face-lift procedure on. 

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