What is the role of a pharmacist in diabetes healthcare?

A pharmacist has a wealth of information on medicines: what’s in them and how they interact with each other. Pharmacists are highly trained professionals who must know about the chemistry of products they dispense and what effects, both good and bad, medications have on the body. Therefore, they can also give advice on whether and how any medication you take for your diabetes or other conditions could or will affect your blood glucose levels.

It is important to find a pharmacy you like dealing with and stick with it. This way, the pharmacist can keep an accurate and up-to-date profile of your medical history, allergies, and medications. Pharmacists do more for you than fill your prescriptions.

They alert you to the potential common or severe side effects of any drug you are going to take. And, with each new prescription, they can review your medication profile to see if any of your current medications might interact with your new prescription. For example, if your pharmacist knows you take a certain kind of sulfonylurea, he or she may recommend a cold medicine with little or no alcohol to avoid any possible interaction between the two medications. So, in addition to asking your diabetes care provider, you can ask your pharmacist to recommend over-the-counter medicines for colds or other minor illnesses.

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