How can I survive the death of my baby?

It is important to remember that grief takes time. Be patient, take life one moment, one hour, one day at a time. While you may never ‘get over’ the death of your baby, you can learn to live with your loss. Healing is an ongoing process; it does not happen overnight, but it will happen.

Following are a few suggestions that can help you survive some of the difficult times.
  • Eat well and get plenty of rest. Stay well physically so that you can continue to heal emotionally.
  • Talk about your baby, your feelings, your fears, your grief. Keep a diary, write a journal, create a flower garden or other special project that has meaning to you. These things can help the overwhelming grief that comes with keeping feelings bottled up inside.
  • Explore available resources. There are many books, articles, poems and videos that can provide information, guidance and support. There is a wealth of information on the Internet as well.
  • Build a support network. This may be your family, your friends or your faith community. You may want to contact a support group for parents who have experienced a similar loss to share your story and feelings and to learn from others who have also “been there”.
  • Try and be understanding of your partner’s needs. There may be times when it’s difficult to comfort each other. Being sensitive to your partner's needs and finding others you can lean on during difficult times can help.
First Candle has a dedicated toll-free 800 number for all those affected by the death of a baby: 1-800-221-7437.

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