How often does an adult congenital heart specialist follow up with patient?

An adult congenital heart specialist determines how often a person needs a follow-up visit based on the severity of the congenital issue. For mild, moderate or complex adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) follow-up visits are recommended at least every one to two years. For very complex ACHD follow-up visits are recommended every six to 12 months.

Adult congenital heart specialists are unique, and there are not enough accessible to patients. I see patients who live hundreds of miles away and seeing them can be difficult, so collaborating with community physicians and cardiologists is the key to optimizing their health.

Follow up and care is often determined by heart defect severity:

  • For more complex CHD, we play a much bigger role and almost become primary care providers. We keep a closer eye on them. We have a shared care approach that they see cardiologists, and we work in close collaboration with them.
  • Simpler patients, we see them every other year, but primary care physicians or the other cardiologists see them more frequently. We send our notes to them and we receive notes from them, and that’s how we end up coordinating care.

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