How should cervical collars be used?

Cervical collars alone do not provide adequate in-line immobilization. Cervical collars DO NOT immobilize the cervical spine. Cervical collars keep the head in a neutral position. Too large of a cervical collar will hyperextend the head/neck, and too small of a cervical collar will hyperflex the head/neck and cause further injury. Cervical collars must under no circumstances be used in isolation. Collars must be used with other immobilization equipment/devices such as spine board head blocks/rolled blanket/sandbags. Certain athletic equipment (IE: helmet and shoulder pads) prevent use of cervical collar. Authors Houghton L & Driscoll P, 1999, UK found collars prevented movement by 31-45% and head blocks with straps prevent 58-64% and the addition of head blocks and a collar provided no additional benefit.

(This answer provided for NATA by Scot Raab, PhD, ATC, LAT.)

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