How can grapefruit juice interact dangerously with medications?

Grapefruit juice can alter the body’s absorption of certain medications affecting the level of the drug in the blood. Substances in grapefruit juice have been known to block an enzyme in the gastrointestinal tract, which interferes with the drug’s metabolism, so more of the drug is absorbed in the blood. Higher blood concentrations of certain drugs can cause adverse effects in the body, such as liver damage and kidney failure.

According to the FDA, grapefruit juice and grapefruits can interfere with:

  • Some blood pressuring-lowering drugs, such as Nifediac and Afeditab
  • Some statin drugs that lower cholesterol such as Zocor, Lipitor, and Pravachol
  • Some anti-anxiety drugs, such as BuSpar
  • Some anti-arrhythmia drugs, such as Cordarone and Nexterone
  • Some organ transplant rejection drugs, such as Sandimmune and Neoral
  • Some antihistamines, such as Allegra

Always check with your pharmacist and/or health care provider regarding the medication you are consuming and any potential food/drug interactions.

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