What companies provide medical products and services to patients at home?

Pharmaceutical and infusion therapy companies
These companies deliver medicines, equipment, and nursing services for people who need intravenous (IV) fluids, nutrition, or treatments. They also give special feedings through tubes that are placed in the stomach or intestine (tube feedings). Nurses teach patients and family members to give these medicines, fluids, or feedings in the patient's home. They often stop in later on to be sure everything is working well, and you can call them if there are problems. Some pharmaceutical and infusion therapy companies are certified by Medicare. 
Durable medical equipment and supply dealers
These companies provide products ranging from breathing machines (respirators), wheelchairs, and walkers, to catheter and wound-care supplies. They deliver these products, install or set them up, and teach patients and caregivers how to use them. Most of these companies do not give physical care to patients, but a few offer pharmacy and infusion services. They may provide a nurse to give medicine and tube feedings to patients and teach the patient and family the proper way to give these on their own. Some offer respiratory therapy services to help patients use breathing equipment. Those that bill Medicare must meet federal minimum standards. Some states require that these companies be licensed.

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