What are some mobile apps that can help me stay healthy?

Talal Khan, MD
Internal Medicine
Downloading a mobile app can help you stay healthy and keep you on track with your workouts. You don’t need expensive tools or gym memberships to meet your personal weight-loss goal. Check out these mobile apps to keep the scale moving in the right direction.
  • Get the whole picture. Knowing your numbers is the first step toward getting healthier. The free Withings Health Mate app (for iOS and Android) visualizes heart health, weight, activity levels and sleep through a four-part butterfly graphic that shrinks or expands based on current stats.
  • Make a map. Mixing up workouts can boost weekly motivation. The free MapMyFitness app (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) has a built-in global positioning device to keep tabs on when and where you work out and compiles your data, including workout length, calories burned and favorite locales.
  • Step it up. Still trying to get your 10,000 daily steps in? Download Pedometer++ (for iPhone 5S) or Accupedo Pedometer (for Android or iPhone users) to keep track of how close you are. The Accupedo app even has a widget so you can share your progress on your favorite social media site.
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