What apps can help my child lose weight?

There are a number of online and mobile apps that can help children lose weight.

  • Kurbo Health’s mobile-enabled program is designed for users ages eight to 18, but is intended to encourage participation with the whole family. The app’s manual entry food tracker assigns colors to different foods, helping kids understand on a basic level which foods are healthy and unhealthy. Also included in the app are games, challenges, a progress section and weekly individual online coaching sessions. These individualized online coaching sessions are what set Kurbo apart from the many online calorie trackers and apps on the market.
  • Zamzee, “the game that gets kids moving,” is an activity meter and accompanying online program that works to make physical activity fun by converting physical activity, collected by the Zamzee Activity Monitor, into Pointz, which children use online to play games, compete with friends and earn real-life rewards.
  • GeoPalz are colorful pedometers that come in an array of shapes—from animals to sports—meant for children ages five and up. Children using GeoPalz can record physical activity on the GeoPalz site and exchange steps for parent-directed rewards, virtual games and gift cards.

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