Welcome to The RealAge Program

Welcome to The RealAge Program

Take the first steps towards changing your habits and living a younger life.

Congrats! You’ve found out your body’s RealAge and have chosen to live younger by enrolling in the RealAge program. Research shows that setting a goal is the first step towards making changes in your daily routine. The RealAge program can help you pick a goal that can help you live healthier and also select the small habits that will make big changes in your everyday life.

Implement Your Action Steps
By now you’ve selected which RealAge category to enroll in—sleep, stress, activity or nutrition. You’ve also set your desired goal and chosen the action steps you’ll take to reach it.

These action steps are small behavior changes that can help you to reach your RealAge program goals. After you’ve selected two or three of these steps, think about how you can add these behaviors into your everyday life. Then take action! Before long, these small changes will become everyday habits.

To help you implement these new action steps, look for tips, articles and slideshows in your timeline. These are all tied to your RealAge category and action step choices. Reading each tip or article can help you understand how each RealAge category affects your health. They may even spark some new ideas about how to achieve your goal.

Your goal and action steps will also be right on your timeline, so you can review them at any time. You’ll also receive a program summary each week that tracks your progress towards your goal.

Tracking your progress
Now it’s time to track your progress every day. The more green days you earn, the closer you are to reaching your goal.

If you’ve enrolled in the sleep or activity programs, you can set the Sharecare app to track automatically. Your daily step count can be pulled right from your health tracker. The trackers can also keep tabs on the number of hours slept if you plug your phone into its charge nightly. You’ll always have the option to adjust these numbers if they aren’t counted correctly.

If you’re enrolled in our stress or nutrition program, it’s important to manually track your progress each day. Our Stress tracker uses voice recognition to measure your anxiety levels. Speak into your phone’s microphone for 30 seconds to have your voice analyzed. You can also manually input your stress levels.

Our nutrition tracker allows you to track the size and quality of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Track three out of four meals to gain credit towards your RealAge program goal.

Want extra motivation to track your habits every day? Join one of our Sharecare challenges within the app. Compete against others to see if you can reach your step, sleep, stress or nutrition goals.

Reaching Your Goals
Each week, you’ll have a chance to review your progress. If you’re having trouble reaching your goal, you can select new action steps that may better fit your lifestyle.

If you reach your goal for three consecutive weeks, you’ll complete the RealAge program for your chosen category. But don’t stop there. Keep your new habits in your daily routine to live a healthier and younger life. You can also go back and select another RealAge category to try.

What if you don’t reach your goal after three weeks? That’s okay! Changing your habits is not always easy. If you haven’t met your goal, try selecting new action steps and continuing the program. Check in with your progress each week to see how you’re getting closer to living a healthier life.

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