How should I care for someone who may have a concussion?

To care for a person with a suspected concussion:

  • Support the head and neck in the position in which you found it.
  • Maintain an open airway.
  • Control any bleeding and apply dressings to any open wounds.
  • Do not apply direct pressure if there are any signs of an obvious skull fracture.
  • If there is clear fluid leaking from the ears or a wound in the scalp, cover the area loosely with a sterile gauze dressing.
  • Monitor the person for any changes in condition.
  • Try to calm and reassure the person. Encourage the person to talk with you; it may prevent loss of consciousness.

To care for someone who may have a concussion it's important to keep an eye on that person after he or she is hit hard in the head. It's also important for him or her to be checked out by a doctor. The doctor will be able to tell the difference between a concussion and bleeding in the brain.

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