Why should I surround myself with happy people?

One path to happiness involves surrounding yourself with optimistic and happy people. Surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you, support you and are good listeners will fan your fire. Think about picking people to spend time with who make you laugh and smile.

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Dawn Marcus
Man is a social creature -- whose happiness and life satisfaction is closely tied to involvement with others. In today’s techno world, it’s easy to spend your day with minimal social contact, tied to computers and other machines that fail to take the important place of human contact.

A great way to give your mood a kick start is to get involved with others. Connecting with other happy people boosts your happiness. If another person in your social pack is happy, you’re more likely to become happy too! And you need to keep these happy people close. A happy friend who lives over a mile away from you has a much lower impact -- this means you need to actually physically connect with people on a regular basis. Long-distance connections can be a joy, but are must less likely to positively impact you than daily impact with people in your own geographic circle.

Benefits of friendship:
  • Having a happy friend within a mile of you increases your chances
           of being happy by 25%.
  • Having a happy spouse at home increases your happiness by 8%.
  • Having a happy sibling nearby increases your happiness by 14%.
  • Having a happy next door neighbor increases your happiness by
If you want to jump start your social network, leash up Fido and head out for a walk. A cute dog is an irresistible conversation magnet. Few people can resist pausing to comment about your breed, dog tidbits, or walking in crazy weather. And before you know it, you’ve got a happy contact right in your neighborhood who’ll add to your joy.

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