What kinds of activities can help me be happier?

Mia Redrick

There's a great book by Jack Canfield called The Success Principles. Canfield recommends that you divide your life into thirds--twenties, thirties, and beyond. Think back to previous eras in your life and remember the things you did that made you happy. It could be playing soccer or performing in a band.

Now that you are in a different phase of your life, integrate those things appropriately. You may not be able to stay out late at bars playing music with your old buddies but you can start strumming the guitar for an hour or two a week.

Also, excersise is always a good way to feel better. It releases endorphins and various other euphoria-inducing chemicals in your brain and, over time, being physically healthier translates into being happier.

Kathy Sowder
All of us need to find activities that are enjoyable and/or meaningful to us, and do them with some regularity. These activities provide us with relaxation and satisfaction, and have a lot to do with our degree of happiness. If you really love your job, you may get some of these needs met, but probably you still need to find enjoyable activities to keep you involved and "in the moment". Some people could find this in sports or exercise, and others in painting, crocheting, or volunteering, but the most important ingredient is doing what you enjoy.

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