Try This "Get Happy" Strategy

Give yourself a warm fuzzy right now. Yep, right now. Just focus on one small good thing.

Finding little everyday things to be glad about -- and worrying less about the big picture -- may be the real key to happiness, researchers say.

Savor Small Pleasures
During a month-long study, researchers asked college students to keep a daily record of their positive and negative emotions. They were also quizzed at the beginning and end of the study on how satisfied they felt with their lives. And the researchers found that people who experienced lots of positive day-to-day vibes were best able to deal with life's challenges and changes and were happiest and most content overall. Here are five simple steps to loving your daily life.

Keeping It Real
Still, being happy doesn't mean pretending that everything is fine when it's not. It wasn't that the happiest people in the study felt no pain. They just had more of the happy-in-the-moment types of experiences than others did. So go ahead and have a good cry when you need to. Just make sure you're letting the little things warm you, too. Like the taste of chocolate. Or the feeling of sunshine on your shoulders. Or a smile from a stranger on the street . . .

Try out some of these other feel-good tips and tricks as well: