What is the rate of incidence for trichomycosis nodularis?

Dr. Jeanne Morrison, PhD
Family Practitioner
An infection of trichomycosis nodularis can happen to any gender, race, or age group. However, studies show that cases of piedra have been more commonly found in women, especially those who live in an area where the fungi that cause piedra are present, including both tropical countries (black piedra fungi) and more temperate ones like Europe, Japan, and southern parts of the United States (white piedra fungi). Therefore, those who frequently travel to those areas and those who practice poor hygiene are most at risk. On average, infections of black piedra occur more frequently than infections of white piedra. Some cultures, like those found in parts of Malaysia, consider the hardened nodules caused by black piedra attractive, and women subject their hair to soil overnight to increase the likelihood that they will develop nodules.

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