What are saddle sores?

Saddle sores are infected hair follicles that can really make riding painful. Some professional riders have to completely stop racing and get the sores removed surgically. The best course of action is to keep the area clean and dry. Change out of your cycling shorts immediately upon finishing a ride. Try to minimize the irritation in the affected area while riding your bike. Use chamois cream in your cycling shorts if the area is chaffing. These sores are not very comfortable but giving them your full attention now will hopefully keep the condition from getting any worse. Saddle sores develop when one spot gets rubbed repetitively. The cream reduces the friction and a clean chamois prevents infection of the irritation. Improper saddle height can contribute to saddle sores, as body weight could be improperly distributed over the saddle. Seamless shorts can help as well as a good saddle in the prevention of saddle sores in the future.

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