Does hair get frizzier with age?

Hair gets frizzier with age. The individual strands get curvier over time, and weak spots where the hair bends let moisture in and out. Even the most straight-haired ladies might suddenly notice renegade kinky strands sticking up willy nilly. If your hair has a lot of natural texture, you might notice that your hair is more difficult to style.

Invest in humidity-resistant hair care, and look for words like “smoothing” and “sleek” when shopping for shampoo and conditioner. You might be tempted to skip conditioner because you think it will weigh your hair down, but in-shower moisturizing is key for preventing frizz. After your shower, gently blot hair dry with a microfiber hair towel. Rubbing with a regular towel is a one-way ticket to Frizzville.

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