Does location matter when choosing a health club or gym?

The proximity of your health club to your home or office can make a big difference in how much you engage in exercise. If you travel frequently, you might even want to investigate a large, national chain gym that offers a universal membership to any of its locations. If you are unable to find a gym that you like close to your home or office, look for one that is enroute to another place you frequently visit like your child's school or sports practice location.

Yes and no.  Several factors can play in how far your gym is away from you.  Sometimes if people live to far away from their gym they will lack the motivation to drive out that far to workout.  On the other hand if you have a great trainer guiding along the you might take that extra step.  Most people will either pick  a location based on if it is near home or near their work.  Another thing is convenience.  You might want to look for a gym that you have easy access to if you work different hours or travel.  Clubs that are open 24hrs and that have many locations across the US does help.  In the end you just want to look at what fits your needs the best.
I would recommend joining a Gym or Health Club that is in close proximity to either your Home or place of Work.  If it is too far away then there is a bigger chance of finding excuses to miss workouts.
Location can make a big difference when choosing a health club or gym. Choosing a fitness facility that is in your neighbor or on your regular route of travel can make it a lot easier to actually get to. A facility that is out of your way may be a great place to exercise, but if you aren't going there because it's not convenient then it's not doing you any good. Before joining a health club or gym consider how likely you are to make the effort to go there, especially if it's out of your way. You may find that your best bet is to choose a facility that is near your home or places you travel often.
Adam Krueger
People really struggle with this one. They will join a gym close to them, but these gyms can be very small and cramped so people end up getting a bad taste in their mouth about fitness clubs. Usually the larger clubs will be located off of well-known, accessible roads and typically take only a few extra minutes to get there. Larger clubs typically also have the added benefit of having multiple certified trainers and various types of equipment and amenities. Close and convenient is not always the best option.

When choosing a health club or gym, probably the most important factor to consider is location. Why? Because when a location is more convenient for you, it’s more likely you will visit. Unless you have a home gym, making time to work out and go to another location to do so can be daunting and time-consuming. Try to find a gym close to your home or work, or a health club that is “on the way” to the office or school.

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