What can I do to help heal my grief?

Kathy Sowder
Helping yourself heal is a process, and takes time. Much of helping yourself heal will be not judging yourself for your reactions. You may have crying spells, times of irritability, times when you are unable to concentrate, have difficulty sleeping, and feel fatigued or anxious. You may feel angry, sad, lonely, and vulnerable. Allowing these reactions will help, and when possible, sharing them with a caring person may help as well. It is important that you not isolate too much. Writing your feelings and memories, and finding ways to express your emotions is important. Finding a way to honor and remember the one you have lost, such as making a scrapbook or planting a tree is a good way to put your hurt into a positive action. Grief seems to come in waves, and may be triggered by pictures, songs, smells, or memories. Please be gentle with yourself, and give yourself the time and space you need to heal.
A broken heart leaves many people feeling stunned and stuck. Try to focus on the basics of a daily routine. Get out of bed. Take a shower. Go for a walk. Feel the sun on your face. If you feel fragile, limit your exposure to emotionally driven events. That doesn't mean to cocoon yourself away from people. Decide what social connections will give you support, and which ones may be too hard to deal with right now.

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