What should I do if I’ve been diagnosed with Graves’ disease?

If you have been diagnosed with Graves' disease, if you are a smoker the most important thing is to stop. It makes Graves' disease worse and increases the risk of going blind. If you are exposed to secondhand smoke, it is best if you avoid it. Graves' disease symptoms can be improved through supportive measures. Sleeping with your head elevated (head of the bed on concrete blocks) will reduce puffiness and swelling in your eyes.

If you have just been diagnosed with Graves’ disease, the first step is getting your thyroid function under control. This is generally done with anti-thyroid medications which block the production of the excess thyroid hormone. Additional medications, called beta blockers, can also be given to control many of your symptoms of hyperthyroidism—racing heart beat (palpitations), tremor, and anxiety. To determine what will be the best long-term treatment for you, we recommend you contact either an endocrinologist or a surgeon specializing in endocrine diseases.

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