What are some upper-extremity plyometric activities for golfers?


Medicine-ball Throw with a Partner

  1. Start by standing in address with arms extended to your left and a partner directly to your left (5-6ft), holding a medicine ball.
  2. Your partner throws the medicine ball to you. While tilting within your golf posture, catch the medicine ball as you slightly lower your body, bending at knees and rotating your torso and arms to your right as smooth as possible while decelerating nearing right shoulder height.
  3. Instantly rotate opposite direction accelerating arms and straightening legs as you throw, mainly with right arm, releasing the ball as you near left shoulder.
  4. Release the ball back to your partner and finish your rotation so you are in a full standing position.
  5. Return to the start position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
  6. Repeat, rotating to the other side.

Have your partner or teammate do it too by standing 10-12ft apart.

No partner? No problem, throw it against a wall.



To help develop optimal stability, strength, and power in the upper extremity, golfers may benefit from plyometric exercises such as medicine ball chest pass, medicine ball rotational chest pass, two-hand side throw, and the kneeling side throw.

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