What are some golf specific movements for my dynamic warm-up?

I love a reverse lunge with reach. If you perform a reverse lunge with your left leg behind, you will reach back with your right hand towards your left foot. Your left arm should reach straight up in the air to stretch the psoas. Return to neutral and repeat on the other side. This is a tricky warmup to teach but it's awesome for warming up and stretching out your hips and waist. Be careful not to over stretch during this warm up, if you can not reach your back foot it's fine, the goal is to reach towards the foot to get a stretch in the back leg hip flexor. By combining this with everything mentioned above you should be more than ready!

After a general aerobic activity warm-up using bodyweight squats or deadlifts, walking lunges, and medicine ball chops, you should add some movements that will simulate the round of golf you are about to play. Trunk rotations using the club across your shoulders, medicine ball swings, and push-ups are all good warm-up exercises.

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