Is it important to stretch before golfing?

Yes. A common problem for golfers is a lack of rotation in the spine and pelvis. The golf swing involves multiple joints to go through near-maximal or maximal rotation to be performed correctly. A reduction or extreme movement at any joints will result in undesirable compensations within the kinetic chain. Players who have poor spinal movement often appear to be slumped and rounded forward in shoulders and lower back. The lack of posture makes it difficult to create a straighter spine at setup. When the spine is not able to move back and forth easily, it has a negative influence on the motion of the shoulder blades and pelvis through the muscle connections between the spine and core. When the hips and pelvis become limited in their range of motion, the potential for injury is greatly increased, and the likelihood of improving the swing technique is greatly reduced.

Yes it’s important to stretch before golf. Golf like many sports requires that all the muscles work in a balanced and coordinated fashion to allow you to swing the club with accuracy and precision. Any muscle that is tight or do not move smoothly must be stretched to ensure proper motion of the body through the range of motion of the golf swing. Hold any stretch for 30 seconds to ensure that the muscle has reached the proper length. 

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