Can a stability ball help me strengthen my core for golf?

Yes definitely, when you are on a stability ball you are challenging your balance to improve it. Better balance makes for more efficient movement. Balance is a component of all movements and is important in golf and any sport training.  By training your balance you are able to produce force, reduce force, and stabilize the body more efficiently.

There are numerous variations of ab crunches on the ball. Start with the basic ab crunch and to progress it you could try an off center ball crunch. Instead of being centered on the ball, position your body slightly off center...which throws off your center of mass and thus creates more instability. This makes it more challenging to balance and the core muscles are working harder to keep you on the ball. Another way to increase the intensity of the ball ab crunch is to lift one foot off the floor slightly as you rotate your body to bring opposite elbow to your knee. This challenging exercise will target all the muscles of the abdominal area, work on the rotational component needed in golf and definitely your balance.


A stability ball is an effective way to target your core stabilizing muscles and make your workouts more intense.  Because the ball is unstable, it encourages you to use different muscles and improves your balance as a bonus.  Doing crunches on the ball by centering it in the middle of your back, is one of the most effective exercises to work the abdominal muscles.  In order to help protect your back, just remember to perform a “drawing in” maneuver of your abdominals or imagine that you are bracing yourself to receive a punch in the stomach. 

Incorporating a stability ball into an exercise routine helps to further strengthen core muscles due to the continuous adjustments that the body’s muscles must make to remain stable on the ball.

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