Is it appropriate to do resistance training during the golf season?

Absolutely, since golf has no defined season, is it important to keep resistance training for the entire year. Golf requires a unique combination of stabilization, strength, and power throughout the entire human movement system and specifically in the spine, hips, and shoulder.

The yearly strength program should be divided into the following phases:

  1. Corrective exercise training
  2. Stabilization training
  3. Strengh Endurance training
  4. Power training



Absolutely, a good resistance program with enhance your golf game. It can provide you with better power and strength, which in turn equates to a longer drive. By working with professional you can also discover movement inhibitions that can be corrected then strengthened through functional movement. This will lead to higher accuracy. When you put all this together resistance training during the golf season could mean the difference between birdie and bogey.

Resistance training should be a part of a golf player's conditioning plan throughout the entire year, however the type and intensity will vary depending on the goals of the season and the golfer's needs. Golf does not have clearly defined seasons as many other sports do. If you live in an area where you can play golf all year, your training program will be based on a undulating periodization model combining stabilization, strength, and power in a short period of time. There are some simple rules to follow when performing resistance training alongside a competitive golfing season. Make sure you perform light to moderate resistance training 1-2 days before your golfing event, implementing a comprehensive flexibility program leading up to the event. On event days, modify your program to only include dynamic exercises before the game such as squats to calf raises, lunges with a twist, lifts and chops and side to side tube walking. Post-game, implement a flexibility program to reset muscle lengths and help your body recover from the demands of the day's competition. If you live in a place where golf cannot be played all year due to weather conditions, then an in-season/off-season structure that includes more specialized and intense training may be appropriate where you can progress through a systemized training plan over the course of the entire year.

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