What kind of exercises can improve my golf swing?

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    Front Of Hip - M

    Achieving optimal hip flexor flexibility is critical for rotational speed in a safe and efficient manor. The more flexible your hip flexor complex the more efficiently you can load your glutes and provide the strong stable platform to produce force from as Todd mentioned. Foam rolling the front of the leg before workouts and golfing is a great way to achieve this.
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    Combining core work to support a neutral spine such as plank pose combined with postures that create a more fluid spine such as forward folds, twists, and back bends work well. All these exercises balance the body so you have a sense of ease in your swing, supported by inner body strength.

  • Speed in your golf swing works ground up, meaning you need a strong, platform to generate efficient speed. I recommend a program that includes lower body strength/flexibility work, core work and upper body maintenance/flexibility. Many golfers work with light resistance (bands or dumbbells). Also, try to integrate interval training into your routine, 45 seconds cardio/45 seconds resistance and keep alternating back and forth. This keeps your heart rate elevated and makes for an efficient workout. I would take a club and swing lefty and righty when you are down and make stretching a daily activity.
  • To achieve a full golf swing, focus on the rotary aspect of the swing. Since the golf swing is simply a rotation (back and through), you need to perform golf swing exercise drills that incorporate core rotational movements. Use resistance tubing attached to the upper part of a door. Pull the exercise tubing in a motion mimicking the downswing, but with a little rotation in the hips.
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