How can managing stress help prevent gingivitis?

Carol Jahn
Stress has long been associated with playing a role in the onset of disease, from the common cold to heart disease. A new study at Carnegie Mellon University found that stress dampens the early immune response, which is important for healing. At the same time stress can lead to more long-term chronic inflammation. 

Periodontal disease is a product of long-term chronic inflammation. It has been observed that people under stress often experience gingivitis or other gum problems.

There is no data showing that managing stress can alleviate gum problems, but managing stress has been show to help people lower blood pressure and generally improve well-being so overall it's a benefit to health. 

Another factor to consider, being under stress can lead to some unhealthy behaviors such as increased smoking, alcohol consumption, overeating, inactivity and more. Many of these can impact oral health.

The bottom line; if you are under stress, try some proven strategies for managing it such as meditation, exercise, deep breathing, or getting support from friends and family. Overall, it will be good for both your oral health and general health.

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