What should I do before starting a weight-loss program?

 “Well begun is half done.” -Aristotle

Before starting any weight loss program, please consult your doctor first and get his/her clearance for physical activity and find out of there any issues that would affect you participating in a new nutrition and program (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc).  I am sure your physician will be very supportive and have good advice for you.

Since nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of any successful weight program you should consult a registered nutritionist and fitness professional like we have here on Sharecare. The nutritionist will be able to recommend a sensible diet that will help make a lifestyle change not some quick-fix weight loss program that will only end up leaving you starving and probably gaining more weight. The fitness professional will take into account your present state of health and fitness and put together a program that will be safe, effective and hopefully fun too.

Lastly, if well begun is half done, then in order to start off right you should consider what your goal for weight loss will be. All three of the afore mentioned professionals will be able to make recommendations to what they think is a challenging but realistic goal for you but you need to want it, believe in it and be ready to work towards your goal. 

My expertise would be in exercising programming for weight loss so if you need any help please feel free to contact me. Good Luck!

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What Should I Do Before Starting a Weight-Loss Program?
What Should I Do Before Starting a Weight-Loss Program?
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To Eat Fewer Calories, Enjoy Calm Meals

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