Will I have gestational diabetes after I deliver my baby?

Charla Simon
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
The majority of women who have gestational diabetes will have resolution of the diabetes after delivery. However a small number of gestational diabetics are actually Type II diabetics who just happened to be diagnosed during pregnancy. For that reason all gestational diabetics should have a 2 hour diabetes screen 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Women with gestational diabetes have a 30-50% chance of eventually developing Type II diabetes and should therefore be screened at least every 2-3 years for diabetes.
Within the first three months after your baby is born, you'll be checked for diabetes. For most women, the condition disappears after delivery. However, if your diabetes has continued, you'll need treatment. And even if it goes away, you have good reason to stay in contact with your healthcare provider:
  • You have high risk of developing diabetes. Your doctor may be able to help you prevent diabetes -- or at least catch it early. From now on, you need to get a test for diabetes at least every three years. (Remind your doctor!) Diabetes must be well managed to help prevent serious health problems.
  • You need to prepare carefully for any future pregnancies. Since you're more likely to have gestational diabetes in these pregnancies as well, you and your doctor can work to prevent, detect, and manage it as needed.
Gestational diabetes almost always disappears after you deliver your baby, although your risk for developing diabetes later will then be increased. A very small percentage of women continue to have diabetes after delivery, so your blood sugar will be assessed two to six weeks after the birth to make sure your diabetes is gone.

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