What should I know about a Carnitor injection before taking it?

Before taking a Carnitor injection, you should know that your carnitine levels might need to be monitored with regular blood tests until your doctor finds the proper level for dosing. Carnitor is used for those with low levels of carnitine. It is important to take Carnitor injections on a prescribed schedule, spacing them out, so levels of carnitine are kept as even as possible though out the day. You should not stop taking Carnitor injections without first talking to your doctor. Low levels of carnitine in your blood could lead to heart, liver, and muscle problems.

Carnitor injections are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because the effect on an unborn or nursing baby is unknown. If you have a seizure disorder, this medication may worsen your condition. Certain medications may also affect how your body processes a Carnitor injection, so be sure to discuss your diet and current medications with your doctor before taking a Carnitor injection.

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