What should I know about Gelnique before using it?

Since topical gels typically are flammable, you should avoid open flames and smoking while Gelnique (oxybutynin gel) is still wet on your skin. Drink extra fluids while using the drug. You should also wait an hour after you apply the gel before taking a shower, swimming or otherwise get the application site wet. Don't apply lotions, oils and powders before using the gel because they can prevent drug absorption. Don't apply the gel to broken skin and avoid getting it into your nose, mouth or eyes. Also, oxybutynin may make you sleepy, dizzy or give you blurry vision, so don't drink alcohol or engage in activities that require alertness while taking it.
Alert your doctor if you have urination problems, slowed digestion, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, a digestive blockage, ulcerative colitis or other intestinal condition, gastroesophageal reflux disease, severe constipation or liver or kidney disease.

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