How does PhosLo treat renal osteodystrophy?

Renal osteodystrophy is a bone disease that results from complications of end-stage renal failure. Your body needs calcium to make and maintain strong and healthy bones. The level of calcium in your body is controlled by your parathyroid hormone, also known as PTH. It removes calcium from your bones, where it is stored, if there is an inadequate calcium supply in your blood. In addition, phosphorus also helps control the amount of calcium in your body. When you are in end-stage renal failure, your kidneys stop working effectively and lead to a buildup of phosphate. This excess phosphate reduces the amount of calcium in your blood, and therefore results in calcium being removed from your bones to ensure an adequate supply in your blood. PhosLo works to control the phosphate. It combines with phosphate you consume in your diet to form a calcium phosphate so that the additional phosphate is not absorbed by the bodym, but rather it is eliminated from the body through your feces. Therefore, PhosLo blocks the absorption of phosphate and reduces the removal of calcium from your bones.

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