Which diet works best?

Samuel M. Warren, MD

For weight loss, I agree with Andy (above). Weight loss boils down to calories consumed versus calories burned. I cannot think of a healthy way to loose weight that does not prioritize physical activity. Aerobic physical activity is an excellent appetite suppressant as well.

To learn the first principles of healthy eating, I recommend starting with Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food or Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual. In addition to helping us learn about real food, In Defense of Food also discusses nutrition science, nutrition policy, and the corporate food market. Michael Pollan helps us see through some of the myths that distract us from our goal to eat healthy and tasty food.   

If you have coronary heart disease, or are at high risk for getting it, Dean Ornish offers an approach to diet and living that can change your life.

As for diets that charge you a lot of money to participate, I recommend a healthy degree of skepticism. You don't need me to point out the diet industry is famous for false advertisements. I bet you can find something healthier to spend your money on – like real food and physical activity!

Lastly, food is best as a social activity. Remember to share your table and knowledge with your friends.

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