What is the Flat Belly Diet?

So you want a yummy tummy, devoid of stubborn belly fat and tight enough to bounce a quarter off, but you hate dieting, despise crunches and like to sit on the couch and eat dark chocolate desserts.

You have no patience for counting calories, no time for the gym and no interest in spending the 30 minutes a day doctors advise to increase your health and reduce your weight.

The Flat Belly Diet is calling out for you.

Now, this is a diet and like other diets, the Flat Belly Diet does call for reducing the intake of some foods. But the Flat Belly Diet gives you more freedom and flexibility. Which may be one reason the Flat Belly Diet has become so popular. The Flat Belly Diet purports to reducing levels of unhealthy fat in participants.

We have two major fats in our bodies. Subcutaneous fat is under your skin and visceral fat forms around your organs. The Flat Belly Diet concentrates on visceral fat, which doctors say is the worst kind.

Though reducing your caloric intake alone might be helpful, Liz Vaccariello, editor in chief of Prevention magazine and Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD - the creators of the Flat Belly Diet - say the key to getting rid of that excess weight and visceral fat is consuming monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) instead of saturated fats, which are widely known to be unhealthy. Proponents argue that by having MUFA as part of every portioned snack and meal, dangerous fat is targeted, leading to weight loss in a little more than a month with not much, if any exercise at all.

This may lead to results, but there are critics who doubt MUFA has any role. And while proponents say belly fat is the hardest to lose, many experts say that in fact, the opposite is true.

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