What is a liquid diet?

If you are lost at sea on a raft and you see two containers, one with food, the other with water, and you can only pull in one, better make sure you chose the one with water. That's because the human body can go longer without food than it can without water. But given that, and the fact that the human body contains a lot of water, is the concept of a liquid diet safe and sound?

Maybe. But certainly it should not be attempted for very long. Because even though the human body can go longer without solids than it can without liquids, it is difficult to ingest the nutrients your body needs solely from liquids.

So if you do attempt a liquid diet, think short term A few days, to a week at the most.

While liquid diets can be a weight loss decision, which makes some sense unless you quaff nothing but beer, liquid diets are often doctor ordered, either for pre-operative or post-opertive examinations or other diagnostic testing. This makes it easier for surgeons and technicians to observe the results of internal tests and x-rays.

One advantage to liquid diets is that they are comparatively easy to follow. As long as you can stand up to the craving for something solid.

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