What should I avoid eating and drinking while following a low-fat diet?

While following a low-fat diet, avoid eating foods and drinking beverages that are high in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Learn to read labels on packaged foods before buying them. Ask your healthcare provider for more information about how to read food labels. The following foods are very high in fat, saturated fat or cholesterol:

Bread and other carbohydrates:

  • biscuits, croissants and store-bought muffins
  • cakes, cookies, donuts, pies and pastries
  • french fries, hash browns and fried bread
  • granola
  • snack chips
  • whole milk, evaporated whole milk and sweetened condensed milk
  • half and half creamer
  • hard or semi-soft cheese
  • ice cream
  • cheddar cheese soup, or French onion soup topped with cheese
  • soups made with cream, half and half or whole milk
Fruits and vegetables:
  • fruits baked into high-fat desserts, such as pastries, pies or cakes
  • fruit fritters
  • fruit ice cream
  • avocado (more than one-quarter of an avocado) or guacamole dip
  • fried or batter-dipped vegetables, or vegetables prepared with butter, cream or cheese sauce
Meats and meat substitutes:
  • bacon, fatback, ham hocks or sausages
  • fish canned in oil, or ham, cold cuts or lunch meats
  • hot dogs, spare ribs, chimichangas and other fried foods
  • lamb or mutton, liver, sweetbreads or organ meats
  • cheese dips
  • eggs (more than four per week)
  • butter, margarine or shortening with hydrogenated oils or lard
  • coconut or coconut milk, or foods containing palm kernel or coconut oil
  • heavy, table or whipping cream, or regular sour cream or cream cheese

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