What should I know about Ursodiol before taking it?

Ursodiol may interact with some drugs, including cholesterol medications, estrogens, and birth control pills. Make sure to tell your doctor about any medications and supplements you take before starting Ursodiol. Talk to your doctor if you have questions about any of the risks associated with Ursodiol. If you're allergic to any ingredients in Ursodiol, don't take this medication. Before taking Ursodiol, tell your doctor if you have an inflamed gallbladder, inflamed pancreas, inflamed or obstructed bile duct, bleeding in the esophagus, or a history of liver disease. It's unknown whether Ursodiol can harm a developing fetus or nursing baby, so talk to your doctor before becoming pregnant or breast feeding. In general, Ursodiol should not be used during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary.

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