How can garlic support immune health?

Referred to by some as Russian penicillin, garlic and its protective properties were once regarded as the domain of folk remedies. But research indicates that garlic has sulfur-containing antibacterial compounds, which fight infection by clearing away toxins and germs. In addition, garlic consumption seems to enhance the activity of white blood cells and T-helper cells, which are integral to a robust immune response.

Garlic, affectionately known as the “stinking rose,” has been called the most promising anti-cancer agent we have to date.  The same elements that give garlic its powerful scent also give it the disease-preventing power.

Garlic appears to have antimicrobial and immunostimulating properties and may give some relief of symptoms of colds or upper respiratory problems.  This occurs as garlic stimulates the mucus-producing vagus nerve reflexes. 

You can find garlic in a variety of forms, including fresh, powder, and pills, however, raw garlic may be the most potent.

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