Could I have very salty sweat?

Yes. Equipment in physiology labs can assess the mineral content of an athlete’s sweat, but there are some easy ways for you to tell if you’re a high-salt sweater at home. Do you have: Sweat that stings your eyes or an open cut; Sweat that tastes salty; Gritty-feeling skin after a run; Streaks of white on your face, skin, clothes, or hat after a run? If so, you may be a heavy salt sweater and you are therefore a candidate for a sports drink to replace your fluids and electrolytes that are being lost. If you want to replace electrolytes, but do not want additional carbohydrate, you should use an electrolyte tablet and water. There are several commercial products available and they are often sold in running, triathlete, or outdoor recreation stores. You also probably do not have to be too careful about salt in your diet, and can enjoy high salt foods often like pretzels, salted nuts, popcorn, olives, and commercial vegetables juices.

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