Is there a brain exercise I can do that will improve my memory?

Majid Fotuhi, MD
There are exercises you can do to increase the size of your hippocampus, which controls memory; cross-training different parts of your brain can help make it stronger. Watch as neurologist Majid Fotuhi, MD/PhD, shares some memory-boosting exercises.
Neal D. Barnard, MD

A common memory complaint is remembering names; linking is a brain exercise you can use to link something you saw to a person's name. Watch Neal Barnard, MD, describe how the linking method uses crazy imagery to help you remember someone's name.

Gary Small, MD

Neuroscientist and Alzheimer's disease expert Dr. Gary Small shares some brain exercises you can do that will improve your memory. Watch Dr. Small's video for important tips and information about brain health.

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How Can I Improve My Memory?
How Can I Improve My Memory?

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