How can I improve my memory?

To improve your memory, remember: routines + rituals = success. Consistently use one method for keeping appointments, events and errands organized in order to reduce your need to rely on working and short-term memory skills. Desk calendars, daily planners, smart phones such as iPhones and Droids and web-based software such as Asana are options to keep you organized. It is important to minimize the amount of information you need to remember and instead have pertinent information available in one central location.
A new study shows that clenching your fist may help improve your memory ability. If you clench your right fist when preparing to remember something, and then clench your left fist when attempting to recall the information, you may have better success.

Scientists speculate that it works because clenching your right fist when learning the information stimulates the left brain, which is involved in writing memories. Then clenching the left fist helps the right side of the brain, which is associated with memory recall and retrieval.
Dr. Robin Miller, MD
Internal Medicine
There is a simple technique that can help with memory and recall. Watch this video with Robin Miller, MD,  as she reports on a recent study done on right-handed people.
Neal D. Barnard, MD

In addition to healthy eating, you can exercise your brain and improve memory by exercising your body, as well as doing mental exercise to stimulate your memory. Watch Neal Barnard, MD, discuss how both types of exercises keep your mind sharp.

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